Tking, founded in the year of 2006,  having grown from a small factory, to a leading exporter  factory of plastic especiall for melamineware products . During a very short time, Tking has become a success which is respected  by our customers from all over the world, or our suppliers from China .
Tking supplies a broad range of plastic  products: melamine kitchenwares, melamine bathroomware and etc. You are welcomed at the company’s showrooms in Taizhou, where our skilled sales representatives will present you our huge varieties of products with high quality.
The Tking team endeavours to develop a particularly close relationship with our customers . We always look forward to creating a happy and relaxed working relationship with our customers. And we also prides ourselves that we have a highly skilled service team in our offices who are able to handle customers’ orders in a professionial and efficient manner.